The Benefits of AIMM – The Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model


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In this video, Jim Lee, President of simpleQuE, discusses the benefits of AIMM® (the Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model), its purpose, and structure.  

Standards, like AS9100, require and promote continual improvement, but standards can’t be used to measure the progression of improvement achieved.  Once certified, some companies may only focus on maintaining their certification and are disappointed in the value and improvement brought by their QMS.

The purpose of AIMM® is to move companies beyond compliance to the standard and evolve into improving their QMS through the assessment of maturity.

AIMM’s Objectives:

  • Offer companies a tool to measure, and set clear targets for improvement
  • Provide better recognition of risk areas and where improvement opportunities exist
  • Enhance the motivation for improvement
  • Increase the level of quality and maturity of the entire aerospace industry supply chain

The Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM)- simpleQuE infographic

Learn more about AIMM® in our free video presentation The Benefits of AIMM® and also in our blog: Understanding the Aerospace Improvement Maturity Model (AIMM®) Free Online Resource

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