The Tech Revolution


With so many technological advances occurring at an exponential rate, it’s important to keep abreast of new technologies and industries that are impacting our society and businesses.  I recently represented simpleQuE at the Florida TechXpo sponsored by Melbourne Regional Chamber. Many companies shared their products and ideas: from unmanned vehicles and drones; to the Internet of Things and smart homes and factories; to artificial intelligence – not just in machines, but in humans merged with technology.  Imagine a world where humans will be able to download programs directly into their brains!

One of the key themes was the use of sensors, and by utilizing the internet and Cloud computing, the ability to process and analyze the massive amounts of data collected by these sensors.

What does all this mean for business?  Karl Seiler, president and CEO of PIVIT, believes the result will be new business models, real time information, new revenue streams and globally connected supply chains.  He encourages us to look at the emerging standards and what the leaders are doing in our industry and then incorporate the Internet of Things into our own operation and customer strategies.  

Disruptive technology is going to change how we view and interact with our world, and it’s not just a few years away…it’s already here.

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