AS9145 APQP/PPAP and AIAG Core Tools Training


1-2 Days

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Course Overview:

AS9145 is APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) for aerospace. Following the automotive AIAG Core Tools, APQP training includes Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Control Plans, Process Flows, Measurement System Analysis (MSA or Gauge R&R), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), and Statistical Process Control (SPC). Core Tools are also an important, integral, and dynamic planning tool for the aerospace industry.

AS9145 is used as a guideline, and is not an AS standard for certification. It establishes requirements for performing and documenting APQP and integrates with the 9100, 9102, and 9103 standards.

This training course has been specially designed to include the customer specific requirements of the aerospace and automotive OEM’s and major Tier One suppliers, and incorporates the International Aerospace Quality Group course content.

The information is designed to help AS9100 practitioners, management reps, team members, quality, engineers, manufacturing, and internal auditors understand the requirements of the APQP specification and customer specific requirements for these core tools.

Our training method is to use hands-on workshops using your actual business examples, instead of canned case studies to provide you with the best, experiential learning approach.  We will complete portions of a DFMEA, PFMEA and Control Plan for a portion of one of your production cells and products, so you have a gold standard template to utilize as a comparison after the training. Templates for the tools are also provided.

The workshop is offered as a 1 day overview or 2 day comprehensive session.

Course Agenda

Agenda for 2 day course

Day 1

  • AS9145 requirement and customer specific requirements for APQP, PPAP, FMEA and Control Plans
  • Definitions, purpose and value of FMEA and Control Plans
  • Linkage between Process flows, FMEA’s and Control Plans
  • Completing an FMEA
    • AIAG format
    • Linkages between Process Flow and the FMEA
    • Design FMEA vs. Process FMEA
    • Definitions of Severity, Occurrence, Detection, and Risk Priority Number
    • Actions required for high RPN’s

Day 2

  • AIAG Control Plan format and the information for each column
  • AS9145 requirement and customer specific requirements for PPAP and MSA
  • Definitions, purpose and value of PPAP and MSA
  • Different levels of PPAP submissions and customer specific requirements
  • Documents that are required as part of a PPAP package
  • Steps to complete an MSA study for Attribute and Variable measurement systems
  • Analyzing the data produced as a result of the MSA study – what does it all mean

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the definitions, purpose and value of the AS9145 and AIAG Core Tools
  • How to properly complete the PPAP, FMEA, Control Plan and MSA documents
  • Analyzing the data used to complete each of the core tool documents
  • Understanding the need to establish teams when performing the core tool activities
  • Improved understanding, knowledge and performance for all team members involved in core tool activities

AS9145 APQP/PPAP and AIAG Core Tools Training

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