Process Ownership


2 - 4 Hours

Course Overview:

Identifying process owners and understanding their significance in a quality management system (QMS) is one of the most critical aspects in maintaining an effective and efficient management system.  Process ownership is especially relevant in the automotive realm of IATF 16949®, but extends to any QMS standard like AS9100 (aerospace) and ISO 9001.  IATF 16949® Clause actually states that top management shall identify process owners  and ensure that they understand their roles and are competent to perform them.

Course Agenda

This course is designed to empower and engage process owners in monitoring and maintaining their processes.  Topics include:

  • The roles and responsibilities of process owners
  • The process approach and its purpose
  • The Quality Management System (QMS) and its processes
  • Responsibilities of leadership
  • Identifying those responsible for the performance of the processes
  • Risk-based thinking and addressing risks and opportunities
  • Control of changes and documented information
  • Monitoring and measuring and evaluation quality performance and effectiveness

Learning Objectives

Process owners will learn their responsibilities and how to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of their process to more efficiently react to performance issues.  This process of setting performance goals, monitoring performance, and reacting to results aids the organization in maintaining a plan, do, check, act cycle that meets the objective of continual improvement and supports growth and expanded profitability in the organization.

Process Ownership