Lost Your IATF 16949® Certification? Learn How MAQMSR May Help Keep Your Automotive Clients

What happens if a company drops its IATF 16949® certification, but still wants to maintain its automotive customers

Overwhelmed By IATF 16949® – Try MAQMSR

What happens if a company drops or loses its IATF 16949® certification, but wants to maintain its automotive customers? That’s a question that some automotive suppliers are facing as they weigh the various costs and options of meeting the requirements of the IATF 16949® standard. Deanne Sparr, simpleQuE’s Vice President, has discussed this area of concern with a variety of companies who don’t feel they are ready to transition or lost their IATF® certification.  Some companies in this situation that kept the IATF® scope and continued with the certification audit, under the new IATF® Rules, found that the auditor is not permitted to stop the audit and is allowed to write as many findings as needed.  This resulted in IATF® audits having over 30+ findings that all then need to be resolved within 90 days.

Here’s How To Maintain Your Automotive Customers

Deanne explains, “In this situation, it would be preferable to have an assessment to ISO 9001:2015 only.  By achieving ISO 9001:2015, you will be meeting the minimum requirements of IATF 16949® (clause so customers can continue to source to you.  On the other hand, with any major findings from an IATF® audit, your status in the automotive supplier database may affect the ability of automotive customers to source to you during that time.”

MAQMSR May Be An Option

To satisfy a company’s automotive customers, Deanne recommends implementing MAQMSR.  This is the Minimum Automotive Quality Management System Requirements for sub-tier suppliers.  It was written by FCA and Ford and is permitted as part of development toward IATF® certification with the IATF® mandating customers’ approval. (Refer to IATF® Sanctioned Interpretation #8.) This is an especially beneficial and cost-effective approach for small sub-tier businesses, and for organizations with a diverse portfolio containing a small percentage of the automotive business.

The primary focus areas include Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Product Safety, and Risk Management.  QMS compliance to this standard also satisfies the intent of an automotive supplier to develop and pursue the automotive requirements.  This translates to less risk for automotive customers to use you over a competitor who only has ISO, according to the new IATF Sanctioned Interpretation #8 requirements (clause and MAQMSR compliance.

Conformance to MAQMSR helps a lower-tiered supplier transition to IATF 16949® by allowing many of the key Automotive Requirements to be met while developing the remainder of the QMS. The ultimate goal of the supplier development process is to achieve 3rd party registration to IATF 16949®.  It is important to note that the customer determines the path and steps, so approval must first be obtained before proceeding.  The suggested steps of supplier development referencing are as follows:

  1. Certification to ISO 9001 through 3rd party audits
  2. Certification to ISO 9001 + compliance to MAQMSR through 2nd party audits*
  3. Certification to ISO 9001 + compliance to IATF 16949® through 2nd party audits*
  4. Then finally certification to IATF 16949® through 3rd-party audits with a Certification Body

MAQMSR aligns the Automotive QMS Requirements with the corresponding IATF 16949:2016 section(s); however, it is not certifiable or a third-party auditable standard, though the guideline may be referenced during a second party audit.  *(by customer or with a qualified 2nd party like simpleQuE).

MAQMSR has 66 ISO 9001 requirements (including Annex A, Annex B, and 2.1 Process Approach) and lists 46 Sections from IATF 16949:2016. Those sections include these key areas:

  • Control Plans
  • Performance and Problem Solving
  • Leadership Responsibility
  • Risk Management
  • Product Safety
  • Internal Auditing and Auditor Competency
  • Control of Non-Conforming Product
  • Product Approval Process

Custom 4-Step Approach

SimpleQuE has a 4-step consulting approach to assist companies with MAQMSR compliance.  The first step consists of a gap analysis to review the current system and match it to the requirements of MAQMSR.  Next, any gaps found are incorporated into a project plan or action list.  Based on the gaps and level of internal resources, you may opt to manage the project plan to close the gaps or allow one of our simpleQuE automotive industry experts to guide you through the process. 

Following completion of the MAQMSR compliance process simpleQuE has IATF® certified auditors who can perform the MAQMSR compliance audit (steps 3 and/or 4).  Upon completion of the audit and closing of findings, simpleQuE will issue your company a letter of compliance to MAQMSR that can be shared with potential and current customers.  Certification to ISO 9001 with compliance to MAQMSR will help your company retain current automotive business and increase biding opportunities for the new automotive business.

Understand Your Options

MAQMSR vs IATF 16949®

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SimpleQuE is not associated with the IATF®, IAOB, ANAB®, IAQG®, and is not a certification body. SimpleQuE is an independent consulting, training, and second-party auditing service provider that assists a company on a path for the company to obtain and maintain certification through accredited certification bodies.

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