What is ISO 9001? We can answer that question, and more!

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Welcome to simpleQuE’s new ISO blog. If you’ve found yourself here, then you’re probably one of the thousands of business people who have decided to invest in your business by becoming ISO certified.

Maybe you are at the very beginning of the process, and found this site by searching “what is ISO certification?” or maybe you have been recommended to simpleQuE by a peer or a friend. Whatever brought you to simpleQuE.com, we’re happy that you’ve stopped by, and hope that we can help make ISO certification easier for you and your company.

SimpleQue’s core staff has more than 50 years in quality management – including 20 years working for the audit organization EAGLE Registrations, and ACLASS Organization, an ISO 17025 laboratory accreditation body now owned by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB). Beyond our core staff, we also work with subcontractors across the country – ISO experts in your backyard, trained in simpleQuE methods and procedures.

The goal: Make ISO certification simpler by reducing noise, striving for simplicity, and focusing our efforts only on the activities that contribute to your objectives.

The result: Certification in less time with less disruption, and simpler certification maintenance.

Wherever you are in your certification process, you have found a place for information, guidance, and ideas. Keep visiting to learn more about obtaining your certification, changes in current certifications, and how you can put ISO practices into place to improve your business every day.

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