What Quality Issues Keep You Up At Night? – Poll Results Are In!

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Over the last month, quality management people have been weighing in on what’s weighing on their minds.  Our simpleQuE poll has received 309 responses to date and we’ve listed the quality issues so you can see how they are ranked by your peers. As promised, our future blog posts will address these challenges and provide helpful solutions and perspectives from our very own team of quality experts and consultants.

21%  Not enough resources to support quality

15%  Recurring quality issues and product defects

12%  No process ownership or accountability – processes defined, but not followed

9%    Not keeping up with changing customer requirements and regulations

8%    Not enough time or qualified resources to perform internal audits

7%   Not meeting customer expectations…unhappy customers

7%   How to address and close findings or non-conformances

7%   Unmitigated risks

6%   Ineffective business or quality processes

4%   Failing…not ready or prepared for external audits

3%   Don’t know how to implement or transition to a new quality standard

2%   Inability to maintain the quality system and losing certification

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